Humanity Impact Bulletproof Bookbag

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Your School Shopping Isn’t Complete Without Humanity Impact’s Bulletproof BookBag

Our durable & modern bulletproof bag is designed with your safety in mind! Humanity Impact’s backpacks are NIJ IIIA Level Certified Bulletproof and offer protection in the horrific event of a shooting. The sleek unisex design and it’s one of a kind protection feature makes this backpack ideal for students, commuters, or business professionals who desire an extra layer of protection while on the go. It’s double stitched seams, fully lined fabric interior, and removable bulletproof shield insert are just a few components that set this bulletproof bag apart. The two side pockets offer perfect easy access storage for cell phones, water bottles, and keys. The large interior compartment includes a padded laptop sleeve which can accommodate a 15-inch laptop or tablet. Its lightweight and durable design, combined with its unique bulletproof protection make this the #1 item on every school supply list of 2018!



NIJ IIIA Protection Levels

Designed to stop several bullet types including 357 Magnums, 44 Magnums, 9mms, 22mms, .45 caliber hollow points and more in order to offer protection to you and your loved ones in emergency situations. Carefully constructed to organize all of your belongings easily and efficiently.


Don’t be fooled by imitation bulletproof bags

Our bulletproof bookbag offers a higher or equal level of protection as other bulletproof bags on the market, yet we charge HALF of the price! We believe safety shouldn’t be expensive or out of reach and we are dedicated to having your back and putting the power of protection in your hands!

Most bulletproof bags on the market today use flexible anti-ballistic panels, our bags have a separate zippered compartment specifically created for the HARD bulletproof shield, to ensure your level of protection is never compromised.



Humanity Impact bags are the best purchase you will make all year!

They increase the level of protection in emergency situations (perfect for school, concerts, or large events)

This bag protects your major vital organs located within the center region of your body, helping to decrease the likelihood of life-threatening injuries in an emergency situation.

We are committed to protecting our children & helping change the state of our society and when you purchase a bag you will be making an impact as well! Not only will you have equipped yourself to have the power of protection in your hands but for every bookbag sold Humanity Impact donates $5 to the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation and/or Salisbury Firearms Academy.





Protection : Removable NIJ IIIA Certified Bulletproof Solid Shield Insert

Lightweight : Entire Bag Weighs Less Than 2Lbs

Practical : Adjustable, padded straps provide all-day comfort

Durable : Made of high-quality tear resistant nylon fabric, sturdy zippers and strong magnetic buckles

Functional : Multi-utilization pockets & compartments allow you to bid farewell to disorganization

Convenient Structure : 5 pockets (1 main compartment, 1 laptop pocket, 3 front zipper pockets, 2 side pockets)

Unisex : Gray modern design makes it ideal for everyone

Impactful : Donated proceeds support non-profits working for change in America


Additional information

Weight 32 oz


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