Best App To Keep Your Family Safe Online

Family Online Safety Can Be Daunting….

When your children are first born there are several resources to help you navigate the first few months. Your bookshelves are filled with “What to expect” literature, your baby shower gift boxes are overflowing with supplies, and every family member and friend have a thousand tips to share. Yet as the years pass by and your bundles of joy turn into screen-addicted, hormone raging, mini wanna-be adults the world of parenting becomes less like a fairy tale and more like an unpredictable game of Jumanji. Regardless, you love your kids no matter their age and you take your job seriously. This doesn’t mean you are perfect, but it does mean that you are willing to do whatever you need to do in order to protect, encourage and support your growing human. We completely understand the struggle because we are parents too, and while we make mistakes we believe that the dedication and effort we put into our 10 year old and 13 year old will pay off in the long run.

The hard reality for most parents of tweens and teenagers in today’s society is the ever-present ever-evolving power of technology that our kids interact with on a daily basis. While we believe it is important to foster creative minds that think outside of the box, we believe its equally important to focus on family online safety by setting healthy boundaries and standards for our kids while using technology. It can be so easy to become engrossed in online dialogue and become distracted by negative influences and opinions. We have found a tool that will help us as parents stay informed and be aware all while instilling healthy tech habits and expectations for our kids.



We found the boomerang app at the perfect time out of pure desperation, and we highly recommend it. While it’s not completely free, they do offer a 14-day free trial period. After your trial, you can choose to sign up for the family pack which is ONLY $30.99 for an ENTIRE YEAR for up to TEN devices! — So basically free!

This app is easily installed on your children’s devices as well as the parents’ devices. It has a very accurate GPS locating feature, which is perfect for confirming that your child made it to basketball practice or safely arrived at a friends house without having to make the “helicopter-mom” call.

The screen-time scheduler is one of my favorites! The days of hounding the kids to put their phones up at bedtime are far behind us, because Boomerang lets you simply input your bedtime schedule (which can be different for each child & varying days) and select which apps you don’t want to be available (remember to always allow the clock, otherwise the “I couldn’t set my alarm excuse will quickly come into play).

This app also gives you the ability to view every incoming & outgoing text or set alert words (i.e. Kill, sex, ect.) to notify you directly through the parent app on your phone so that you can quickly intervene and talk to your child about the conversation. Messages aren’t the only thing Boomerang monitors, it also tracks and saves all youtube searches, history, and time allowing you the ability to block specific content or simply have an awesome conversation with your child about things they are interested in.

One of the best parts about this family safety app is its creators! They are a superhero 3 dad tech tag team that have joined forces to help parents all over the world meld tech and family into a healthy slice of pie that makes everyone happy. They also have an extremely informative blog which we highly recommend!




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