Recommended Products

Making wise purchases regarding your family’s safety can be overwhelming, but Humanity Impact is here to help. Rest easy knowing that every product listed below is approved by our family. If we wouldn’t use it or found it to be ineffective or unreasonably priced it didn’t make our list. Keeping your family safe is a huge responsibility that we take seriously!



Kid Safety Products

FREE CHILD SAFE KIT offers a FREE Child Safety Kit for parents. This kit is a necessity in every home and you really can’t beat the low low price of FREE! While you can’t plan when emergencies will take place, you can prepare you and your family for any situation. This kit is a convenient way for parents to record comprehensive information about their child(ren) so authorities can help find a missing child quickly. The Child Safe Kits are endorsed and supported by the nation’s leading law enforcement units and provide parents with the means to be able to respond quickly and effectively in the event their child goes missing. We love this free product! Order yours today!




Leaving children home alone can nerve-wracking, but this item makes it a little easier. An entertaining and valuable safety program designed to prepare children to look after themselves while at home alone for short periods of time. This is no fly by night operation this course was developed over a decade ago and is consistently updated to help kids learn important skills through interactive lessons and quizzes. This purchase will ease your worries and make both you and your children more confident when they are left at home alone. This is invaluable training and we highly recommend it. Make sure to check out their other reasonably priced safety courses while visiting their site, including the babysitting training course and a thorough school safety curriculum appropriate for most ages!


MonBaby Smart Baby Breathing Monitor

This product is literally priceless, with over 2,000 accidental infant deaths a year in the U.S. alone, its a must in every household! The Monbaby Smart Monitor is very easy to use, parents can attach it anywhere, on any article of clothing, no matter the size or age of the baby. Unlike conventional monitors that use video or audio monitors that require parents to actively check in to see if anything is wrong with the baby. MonBaby gives parents and caregivers the ability to monitor the baby without constantly watching and listening to him or her. This smart monitor utilizes a unique app allowing parents to receive convenient alerts about the baby directly to their smartphones. If the baby rolls onto his/her stomach or no breathing movements is detected for 15 seconds, parents will get an alert right away. We are impressed by the convenience and efficiency of this safety product. To purchase a Monbaby Monitor or get more info CLICK HERE and make sure to use the coupon code MonBabyForFriends at the check-out page to receive a 15% discount.


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