Child Advocacy Groups You Should Know About Part 1

There are several established organizations that fight for children’s rights and safety in all aspects of our society. Thousands of unique individuals have dedicated their lives to protecting and saving the ever growing and changing young generations. Quite often these groups are overlooked or lost in the midst of movements and political campaigns. Humanity Impact has decided to publish an article each week featuring one child advocacy group in order to show our support and hopefully help add to the groups’ momentum and impact. We encourage you to get involved and join the movement or group that resonates with you!

Summary of Justice for Children Child Advocacy Organization


Contact Info:

                                [email protected]
                                6750 West Loop South, Suite 120
                                Bellaire, Texas 77401

Established: 1987 (Operating & having impact for over 3 decades)

Main Mission: Justice for Children was founded upon the belief that every child is entitled to a zealous advocate to fight for their safety. When the system fails to provide such advocacy, this advocacy group will.

They intervene on behalf of abused and neglected children to prevent their re-abuse when no one else will.
JFC ensures that abused children receive legal representation that is diligent, free of conflicts of interest and meets the highest standards of care.

They help the child and their protective parent navigate a complicated administrative and judicial process that is often absurd and unjust.

JFC fearlessly brings the failures of the System to the attention of our community, our governmental leaders, and works for reforms to prevent the reoccurrence of these tragedies in the future.

Services Offered:

  • Pro Bono Legal Services in court cases to seek protective custody of the child, including legal research, training, and assistance with protective orders
  • Offer a Courtwatch program where volunteers and/or hotline staff attend court cases to observe proceedings, provide assistance, testimony, speak to the media, etc.
  • Provide formal training to volunteer attorneys and other lay volunteers including in-depth training and resources to attorneys who represent our clients in the courtroom.
  • Offer a Community Watchdog program which serves as the voice of the community and the child, who has no voice
  • Provide information about the plight of abused children to communities and elected leaders
  • Provide advocacy and support for individual abused children
  • Recommend solutions for the critical challenges facing abused children
  • Develop individual case files by working closely with caseworkers from Children’s Protective Services, police, prosecutors, and the court systems (family, juvenile, and criminal)
  • Refer physicians & therapists specializing in the diagnosis of sexual and physical abuse of children, &  in the emotional recovery of children


Accomplishments:  Justice for Children has been featured on ABC News PrimeTime Live, ABC News 20/20, ABC‘s Good Morning America, HBO’s America Undercover: “Women on Trial,” The Discovery Channel’s Justice Files, the Phil Donahue Show, and CNN’s Nancy Grace Show.

Their Attorney Training Program was selected as the winner of the Public Service Award, Young Lawyer’s Division, by the American Bar Association at its annual convention.

Known for being thought leaders in Education and Advocacy and have authored editorial opinions, published authoritative literature regarding child advocacy, and participated in community forums

Much of the work done by JFC is performed by volunteer attorneys and interns from various universities and law schools, offering services to those that need it the most regardless of financial status


Area Served: Nationwide, a nonprofit organization with offices in Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Arizona, and, recently, Detroit, Michigan.

We applaud Justice for Children for the amazing impact they have had for over 3 decades. Their heartbreaking story regarding 2-year-old Jesse Wheeler and his inspiration for founding this organization is motivation for us all to get involved and join a movement!

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