2018 : The Year Of Social Movements & Protests

We’re only 6 months into 2018 and yet it seems like we’ve encountered more social debates & social movements than a standard election year! From school shootings to immigration laws and victim advocacy movements, people around the world are getting involved and making a difference, making 2018 the year of social movements & protests!

The students of Parkland are some of the youngest and most impactful pursuers of change our nation has seen. They have been the real noisemakers for policy change regarding gun laws after the horrible shooting that occurred on their campus in February. They started the March for Our Lives movement and marched through a vast majority of cities across the United States including a large march in the nation’s capital Washington D.C., that united survivors, parents, and children together for this cause. They have been relentless in their pursuit of change and we are inspired by their bravery to hold politicians accountable!

March for Our Lives has even gone on the road, working to educate students on the importance of voting, and urging officials to stand up to the NRA. These students have rallied millions of people to come together in support of policy change and we believe they are going to make even bigger waves in the future!

Another movement garnering a lot of publicity is #MeToo. While the foundation was formed in 2006, it recently took off towards the end of 2017. After several fearless women came forward and shone a light on the dark secrets of Hollywoods elite in regards to sexual assault and abuse. As stigmas were broken down, more and more women from all walks of life have come forward to share their stories.

While this social movement started in Hollywood, women from all industries, cities, and nationalities came out to talk about their experiences with sexual assault, empowering women to not only join the conversation but demand change in our society’s tolerance of discrimination against women! In fact, during award season in Hollywood, actors stood in solidarity, wearing black and sporting “#metoo” pins to show they are actively participating in the movement to take action against the issue of sexual violence.




Immigration has been a long-standing social issue that has seemed to be a sensitive and hot topic with no clear sides or answers. That is until there came news that Trump’s first order of business in office would be a declaration that would shake Americas foundation. The moment our President rallied for the construction of a wall that would go up along the Mexico – United States border, people appeared to link arms and stand up for freedom and family. This sparked #nobannowall and protests around the country creating an entire social movement to prevent this formal separation. Recently the issue has reached new heights of disparagement and concern due to the separation between children and families at the border, causing an even larger uproar and call to action countrywide. It seems as though the social movements our country is currently facing are literally unignorable.

While these are only a few of the social movements we have encountered in 2018 we are amazed that we are only halfway through the year. It is awe-inspiring to see so many people look outside of their personal boxes and begin to pursue change for others. We believe that our differences are the beautiful glue that will bind us together and help us move mountains! We hope that the protests and movements will lead to policy change and unite humanity in a rare reality that is beyond our imaginations.

So we urge you to beware of discouragement, push through, make your voice heard because change is possible, unity is possible, and joy comes from the journey, not just the destination! Check out our get involved page to discover a cause thats close to your heart!


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