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Bulletproof Bookbag School Supply

Our gorgeous bag is designed with your child in mind! Humanity Impact’s backpacks are NIJ IIIA Certified Bulletproof bookbags that offer protection in the event of a shooting. It’s double stitched seams, fully lined fabric interior, and removable bulletproof shield insert are just a few features that set this bag apart. The two side pockets offer perfect storage for cell phones, water bottles, and keys. The interior large compartment includes a padded laptop sleeve which can accommodate a 15-inch laptop or tablet. Its lightweight and durable design, combined with its unique bulletproof protection make this bag #1 on every school supply list!



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The sad reality is there have been over 20 school shootings in the United States, this year alone. As parents ourselves, we understand the magnitude of responsibility we have to protect and raise our children. While we agree that in order for there to be a change in our society we must get involved, we also know that we can not continue to send our kids to school on a daily basis leaving them vulnerable and defenseless while Washington debates back and forth regarding the solution. Humanity Impact bookbags are less than 2lbs and house a bulletproof shield which is NIJ IIIA Certified. We believe preventing school shootings should be our highest priority, but until we have eliminated this issue that jeopardizes children’s lives, Humanity Impact bags will have your kids back!




We recently launched a unique line of bulletproof bookbags that we hope will help protect children and families throughout the world. In addition to our protective bookbags, we will be providing our readers with a plethora of information for families including :



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